For great ideas, we provide early stage and existing local businesses funding that will create opportunity.


Naperville Foundation Program Initiatives

How the Naperville Foundation Supports Local Entrepreneurs


The Naperville Foundation is an exciting, new self-sustaining “Business Development Foundation” partnering with NaperLaunch in an effort to improve the economic climate in Naperville by increasing the success rate of Naperville based entrepreneurs to whom we provide training and adequate start-up capital.

How Will We Do That?

Once the initial program objectives are underway, the Naperville Foundation will begin to fund the clients directly after they complete or are in the process of completing the NaperLaunch Academy. The client will then have an opportunity to present a pitch for funding. We will know these clients from NaperLaunch activities and the Academy to help the Foundation make the decision to fund.

The client will have funds, plus mentors with next steps to startup or if a small business, move the business ahead. The funding to be provided as agreed upon, prior to the process and handled by the team of assigned Foundation coaches.

Naperville Foundation Path - The Challenging Path image

Our Mission


Provide comprehensive support to pre-startup entrepreneurs to help them to successfully launch their new business dream.


To reduce the startup entrepreneur failure rate from 50% in 18 months to 10%. (Source: SBA, 2017 report)


Commit to providing three years of both on-going pro-bono coaching from a selected seasoned professional business team, and support money in the form of startup seed money and operating capital, which does not need to be repaid until the end of the third year.